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My name is Jenna, and I thought I'd share a little about myself. I currently live in South Carolina with my husband and we have a 2 1/2 year old little boy names Caeleb.

  I have always enjoyed many varieties of crafting and creating with my hands. Whether it is music, cooking, jewelry, or papercrafting , I have always enjoyed putting my all into anything I'm creating. Creating something beautiful out of raw materials and sharing it with friends and family has always brought me great joy!

Card making is the newest addition to my papercrafting hobby. I can sit down and create one or more cards in one sitting. I always have multiple large projects going on at once that sometimes take longer to finish than I like. I love that  I can make a beautiful card while my son naps or even while we are just hanging out. Caeleb is my little stampin' sidekick. He loves getting his hands inky just as much as his mommy does! He is my little Smushy Bear. Also, my inspiration for the name of my blog. When I found out that ink smooshing was an actual technique I knew I wanted to play on that for the title of my blog!

I am always trying to learn new techniques to incorporate into my cards and other projects. I can't always get the latest in crafting supplies, but I love coming up with ways to stretch what I do have and still keep up with the latest trends! Finding new uses for  the supplies I have pushes me to think outside the box and sometimes outside of my comfort zone as well.

I hope to share any tips, tricks, or techniques I learn with everyone who joins me along my journey of growing not only as a card maker and papercrafter, but also as a  blogger!

Blog:   http://www.stampandsmushink.com

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